Staying in Inveraray for an autumn getaway means having plenty to do nearby. And about 25 miles to the south of Brambles lies an ideal place to discover even more of Scotland’s amazing scenery. Barnluasgan offers much in the way of walking and cycling trails, fishing and its main attraction, which are the famous beaver families.

Walking in Barnluasgan

Barnluasgan offers 3 walking trails for your enjoyment: the Wildlife Trail, Barnluasgan Oakwood Trail and the Loch Coille-Bharr Trail.

The Wildlife Trail takes about 30 minutes to traverse, and will take you through the hazel, birch and alder trees where you’ll get to take in all manner of flora and fauna. The 1.5km Wildlife Trail is mostly flat and can be traversed by people of all abilities.

The Barnluasgan Oakwood Trail is 2.6km in length, and is considered to be a strenuous path, taking approximately an hour to complete. This loose gravel path contains steep slopes, long flights of rough steps and will take you through Atlantic Oakwoods and provide you with many a breathtaking view.

The Loch Coille-Bharr Trail takes up to 2 hours to complete, and is also considered a strenuous trail. 5.1km in length, it takes you round Loch Coille-Bharr through the oakwoods. This is also prime beaver country, and if you’re walking at dawn or dusk, you may very well catch a glimpse of these industrious creatures.

Getting on your Bike

Barnluasgan’s 21.5 km Ardnoe cycling trail offers some truly spectacular views over the Sound of Jura as well as the Crinan Canal. As you cruise by and enjoy the view, watch for Minke whales and porpoise breaking the water’s surface. This circuit is considered to be fairly testing, as it does contain some steep descents and climbs.  Make it a day’s excursion by stopping to picnic at Ardnoe Point.

Fishing and Foresters

Those looking to land the catch of the day may have some luck on Loch Coille-Bharr as well as Barnluasgan. Both locations offer lots of chances to catch brown trout, and permits are available at the local tackle shops.

The beaver families here may not always be visible, but their handiwork in the form of dams and felled trees certainly is. These foresters have also made a habitat for a wealth of other creatures such as dragonflies, butterflies, red squirrels, ospreys, eagles and buzzards.

About the Beaver Families

Beaver were extinct for over 400 years in Scotland. Their reintroduction involved choosing Knapdale Forest as a test site. In 2009, the beavers were released, and soon began breeding and building their homes. Not only was the reintroduction meant to restore the population, but it also became a study, showing how beaver families work to positively restore and enhance the environment in which they live. The 5-year monitoring period has since ended, but the beavers continue to settle in nicely, providing much joy and education for many generations to come.

From Barnluasgan to Brambles – an Idyllic Journey

There is nothing like a day in nature to refresh and re-energise. No doubt that your day at Barnluasgan will have been unforgettable. But why stop there? The memories can continue all the way back up the A83 on your way home to Brambles of Inveraray. Take in all the roadside scenery and relax before arriving for a professionally-prepared dinner. Afterward, you’re welcome to stay for a drink and then enjoy the amenities in your stylish and comfortable room. We invite you to discover all that Brambles has to offer; give us a call on +44 (0) 302 252 or click here to explore all of your online booking options now.