Scotland’s wildlife is varied and beautiful, as the view from Brambles of Inveraray will quickly tell you. However, if you want the exciting experience of observing sea life from a boat, we know just the place: Sealife Adventures. Located about 1.5 hours to the north west of us, Sealife Adventures offers experiences of all kinds. They operate boat trips for wildlife and whale watching, and their 30th November cruise may be just the experience you’ve been looking for!

The Corry Wildlife Cruise

The Corry Wildlife Cruise is four hours of seafaring bliss. This is Sealife Adventures most popular cruise. The whole family can enjoy this experience that includes breath-taking seascapes and wildlife of all kinds. The 4 hour time span allows for plenty of opportunities to encounter dolphins, porpoise and seals, as well as birds, deer, goats, osprey, otters and wild eagles.

The Corryvreckian Whirlpool

All of the cruises offered by Sealife Adventures include a visit to the Corryvreckian Whirlpool. This incredible phenomenon sees the tide being squeezed between the Scarba and Jura islands. As it is squeezed, the water flow increases in speed. Under the water is a pinnacle, around which the tide flows. However, it flows faster round one side of the pinnacle than the other, which draws deeper water upward to create the whirlpool.

The Corry Wildlife Cruise takes place during times when the whirlpool waters are calmer. This is so that you can enjoy calmer seas and spot the wealth of wildlife that call this area home.

During the cruise, you’ll be treated to tales about Viking legends and Celtic saints, and learn about the notable shipwrecks buried below, as well as come to know more about area’s sea and land animals.

The Boat

Just how will you traverse the sea? On the Porpoise II. This nearly 900 horsepower charter boat is one of the most powerful of its size. Its twin engines are soundproofed so as not to disturb wildlife or guests. Like your room at Brambles, the Porpoise II offers guests all the comfort they could ever ask for, along with speed and stability for optimal wildlife viewing.

The viewing platform allows the crew to spot whales at a distance, and The Porpoise II speeds from one encounter to the next to give all guests the most possible time at each viewing spot. During colder months, the heated wheelhouse provides respite and the ideal setting for storytelling. You’ll also be able to view videos taken above and below the water.

The great news is that as of this posting, spaces are still available to have this unforgettable seafaring experience.  Your safety is their first priority; the Porpoise II holds the highest safety certificate of any such boat in the area.

Brambles has your Winter Stay taken care Of

Following your unique experience with Sealife Adventures, you can enjoy a leisurely and scenic trip back to Brambles of Inveraray. Our luxurious rooms are ready to envelop you in comfort, and our chef eager to prepare you a wholesome meal from delicious local ingredients. If you’re ready to stay with us, you can call us on +44 (0) 1499 302 252, or choose our online booking option.