Inveraray’s Got Spooky Autumn Fun for All

October in Inveraray is always a time of great excitement. Not only do we have our own haunted spaces practically next door, but it’s also time to honour our ancestors with the Scottish International Storytelling Festival.

Halloween is Almost Here

The ancient Celts believed that October 31st, the transition period between the old year and the new, was the time when the veil between the dead and living worlds was thinnest, allowing spirits to pass through. Scotland has a host of tales about ghosts and ghouls, along with many sites that are believed to be haunted. Just as haunting can be stories told of our ancestors and the lives they led.

Inveraray Jail

We are fortunate to have an interesting site just a minute’s walk away from Brambles: the Inveraray Jail. Noted as one of Scotland’s most haunted locations, the Inveraray Jail is popular with tourists and paranormal investigators alike. The jail held prisoners as young as seven years of age, who were whipped or sentenced to manual labour for their minor crimes. Adults would spent almost all of their time in their cells working.

Former visitors to the jail have reported many unsettling experiences. Cell 10 continues to be a ‘hotspot’ for many visitors who have reported feeling ill or very uneasy when near it. Even the jail’s kitchen is haunted, with many sensing a presence there. Several of those who have visited the jail and taken pictures have discovered inexplicable images on these photos.

If you’re ready to explore Inveraray Jail, you can stroll over from Brambles any time between 9:30am to 6:00pm until the end of October for a tour, which is £10.95 per adult and £6.50 for children aged 5 to 16.  It will be a Halloween experience you won’t soon forget!

Scary Storytelling at Auchindrain Museum

Storytelling is one of Scotland’s oldest art forms, with original stories being traditional folk tales. Storytelling itself is the art of weaving a tapestry of rich oral patterns that served to tie communities together. It brought education, therapy and language development to community members. Today, the teller recreates the story at each telling, bringing it to the people without need for technology or print. Scotland is fortunate to have a network of storytellers, each with their own style and repertoire.

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival is in full swing, and on 31st October, will have plenty of spooky fare for you if you plan to vacation here during Halloween. Within 20 minutes walking distance of Brambles is the Auchindrain Museum, which will host storyteller Patsy Dyer. Her “Stories from Argyll and Northlands for Halloween” will tell of Odin and Thor, Icelandic trolls and Russian witches, as well as spooky tales of the Argyll Highlands. This two-hour event is suitable for ages 8 and up, and includes refreshments afterwards starting at just £2.50 per ticket.

End Your Frightful Halloween Night at Brambles

Brambles of Inveraray is a great way to end a day of Halloween spirits and spooky tales. Sit and enjoy a professionally-prepared and delicious dinner, and then get ready to pamper yourself in a luxurious and stylish room that places your comfort at the top of the list. Are you ready to discover the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Brambles of Inveraray? Give us a call on +44 (0) 1499 302 252 or click here to explore all of your online booking options now.