The crisp cool air of Autumn is just round the bend, and here at Brambles, we welcome it with open arms. Autumn is a time of renewal and preparation for the coming colder months. The trees will soon change colour, providing a beautiful new view for us and our special guests to enjoy.

If you’re planning on visiting us during the Autumn months, there is lots of fun for kids and adults to be had. Inside or out, underground or above you’ll find plenty to fill your vacation days.

Conquer the Hollow Mountain

Just 30 minutes or so to the north of Inveraray lies Cruachan Hollow Mountain, home to the Cruachan Power Station. The whole family will be in awe as you travel almost one kilometre underground into never-ending rooms, one so big it can accommodate the Tower of London, to watch impossibly-large turbines work to create electricity from water power. These cool guided tours will take you through every strand of its history over 30 minutes. If you’re going the guided tour route, however, plan ahead: these tours are very popular, and so will require you to book in advance.

There are also several exhibitions in the Mountain’s visitor centre; kids and parents will love the touch screen displays, which will teach them more about the Mountain itself and how power is generated here. There are also history galleries which tell the Mountain’s story in pictures. When you’re all done exploring, their gift shop and refreshment area is the perfect way to wind down the day. Admission for Hollow Mountain is £7 for adults, £2.50 for kids 6 to 16, and no charge for kids under 6.

Blacksmithing in Action at Strachur Smiddy

Just 30 miles up and around the coast from us is Strachur Smiddy, a blacksmiths that ran for 4 generations under Montgomery family members. Blacksmithing was a central aspect of everyday life here from the 1790s to the 1950s when the smiddy finally closed. Thankfully, a Montgomery family descendant was able to make this piece of history a museum in 1997, which has continued to delight tourists to this day.

The inside of the forge was left intact to give visitors a look into the past, when blacksmiths worked morning till night, forging horseshoes, fire pokers and other essentials for townsfolk and visitors. Today, you can see blacksmithing in action thanks to a local blacksmith and metalworker, whose work allows visitors to see how the forge operated in its heyday.

Families can tour the forge museum and the craft shop, where all manner of toys, pictures, jewellery and cards, along with other handmade goods are available to take home as souvenirs. This incredibly affordable attraction is just £1 for adults, 50 p for those 18 and under, and just £2 for a family pass. It’s open every day from 1 to 4pm until the end of the month.

Enjoy the View To and From Brambles

Both Hollow Mountain and Strachur Smiddy are only about 30 minutes away from Inveraray, which means you get to take in the glorious colours whilst on your way there. So why not bring some snacks along and pull off the road for a short stroll? We guarantee you won’t forget it.

When you return, Brambles will be ready to help you relax with incredibly comfortable beds, incredibly delicious food made with local ingredients, and a view so tranquil you’ll want to come back for every season. We’re ready to welcome your entire family; explore your online booking options or call us on +44 (0) 302 252 now to book your stay.